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Tax Preparation

The Biggest Problems You’ll Have With Most Accountants & Tax Preparers…
And How A Kaplan, CPA Overcomes Them All

Did you know That The I.R.S. Estimates 80% of Americans Overpay Their Taxes! A report issued by the Federal Government Accountability Office stated, “Taxpayers overpaid their taxes by about $945 million due to them not claiming the deductions they could have been entitled to.” The GAO report went on to state that “…49 percent of the tax returns where taxpayers overpaid due to failure to claim itemized deductions were prepared by a third party.” This means that these people’s tax returns were prepared by someone, or some firm, who wasn’t very knowledgeable or experienced in tax preparation.

The Most Common Tax Mistake (You’re Probably Making It Now)

With today’s complicated tax laws, it’s easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you’re entitled. People who do prepare their taxes themselves, or hire unskilled, unlicensed tax preparers, tend to lose out the most. Trying to save a few dollars winds up costing them $1,000s of dollars in over payment, fines, audits and penalties.

Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Taxes

Here at A Kaplan CPA, we have years of proven success maximizing our client’s tax refunds and minimizing their taxes owed. Our pledge to you, your tax return will be:

  • Prepared by one of our professional preparers who is licensed with the IRS (We will also show you how to adjust your withholdings to avoid overpaying your taxes).
  • It will be personally reviewed Aleksey Kaplan, CPA himself.
  • Triple checked with our proprietary software to identify any potential areas the IRS may scrutinize and reviewing the math to limit IRS contacts.
  • Electronically filed and a proof of receipt by the IRS and State will be given to you.
  • Electronically filed to get your refund to you as quickly as possible.

* We will provide you with an annual organizer to make it easier for you to gather your tax information!

Small Business Owner or Self Employed? Don’t Let Your Taxes and Bookkeeping Stress You Out

If you are a small business or self-employed professional, you’ve got enough to do without worrying about your taxes and your annual bookkeeping. We take these headaches away so you can focus on running your business. We will do your bookkeeping for the year; prepare a Schedule C, as well as your personal income tax return. Then we help you set up a system that empowers you to keep your books in tip-top shape next year. We will also analyze your particular situation and possibly recommend to incorporate your small business for various tax advantages.

Client Case Study – Tax Preparation Situation: Vicky R and Adam R were referred to our office by one of our employees. Vicky was working as an accountant for a large manufacturing company. Adam was a software engineer with partnership interest in a software development company. Besides their annual high six figures income, the husband’s software development company has decided to sell their assets under installment agreement to a well-known technology corporation. The way that this transaction was structured has resulted in additional income tax liability to Vicky and Adam and they were looking for ways to minimize their liability as much as possible. Our Solution: Our office was retained to assist Vicky and Adam R. in preparation of their individual tax return and assistance with tax planning. Mr. Kaplan has decided to make contact with one of his trusted financial planners to inquire about possible options that are available to assist his clients. The fact that the contract was signed, however the installment payments were not received played a significant role. Mr. Kaplan a financial planner were able to come up with a solution that benefited all of the partners in Adam’s company and not just the clients. The Outcome: Vicky and Adam were able to file their individual tax return on time without incurring any penalties for late filings. As a result of joint financial planning alternatives, they were able to save in excess of $85,000 in tax liabilities for this particular year alone. Our office has retained other partners in Adam’s partnership for preparation of their individual tax returns as well. Want to know more about how we can help you get BIGGER Refunds or Minimize your taxes owed? Call now for your FREE ‘SMART Money’ Consultation – (718)577-2582

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